Desktop front-end

File Description Size The desktop program.
It includes the packages shown below
To install, unpack the zip file to a new directory/folder
To run, double-click on the desktop.jar file
1,010 Kb
desktop.pdf The desktop user's guide 568 Kb

Expression packages

File Description Size
arithmetic.jar The Arithmetic package 132 Kb
relation.jar The Relation package 16 Kb
string.jar The String package 29 Kb
logic.jar The Logic package 21 Kb
expression.jar The Expression package 22 Kb
symbolic.jar The Symbolic package 37 Kb
list.jar The List package 39 Kb
programming.jar The Programming package 40 Kb
diagramming.jar The Diagramming package 15 Kb
color.jar The Color package 14 Kb

Library (for developers)

File Description Size
formulae.jar The library 92 Kb The API reference 311 Kb

Source code

File Description Size Library 94 Kb Desktop program 99 Kb The Arithmetic package 51 Kb The Relation package 12 Kb The String package 14 Kb The Logic package 11 Kb The Expression package 9 Kb The Symbolic package 16 Kb The List package 19 Kb The Programming package 20 Kb The Diagramming package 9 Kb The Color package 7 Kb