We need you

Fōrmulæ is a collaborative project. If you like free software movement and knowledge sharing, this is for you ! do not hesitate to contact us. There are several ways we can work together:

Code writers

We intend to improve an create new expression packages for a lot of science fields, for example algebra, equation solving, curve and surface plotting, symbolic calculus, statistics, data management, image manipulation, computing science topics like theorem provers or parallel computing, and much more.

Software testers

The easiest way to collaborate is as a tester, just download the software and play with it !!! Any bug or error found is a great opportunity for improving. The opinion from a real user is highly appreciated.

Dictionary editors

The dictionary of expressions is the ultimate reference for final users and programmers, so they have to be properly documented as they are implemented.

Code translators

Fōrmulæ is primarily a specification that can be implemented in any modern programming language. Current implementation is written in Java, but we plan having implementations of both the library, the desktop front-end and the standard packages in other languages, specially C/C++

Style checkers

There is a lot of documentation that is constantly growing and improving. Examples of these are:

  • The Fōrmulæ API reference
  • The Fōrmulæ development guide
  • The desktop user's guide
  • The expression dictionary

Graphic designers

  • Proposing a design for the mascot, which is a dragon.
  • Improving the visual elements in web page and documents.


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